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Smartenit (formerly SimpleHomeNet) is a leader in the development, manufacturing and distribution of products for energy management and home/building automation. Our affordable, convenient, and environment friendly solutions harmoniously integrate systems in your home or building to save you money.

Free Mobile and Desktop App:

Available for Android, iOS, Web, and Desktop

iSmartenit is your user interface to give you instant status and control of your smart devices from virtually any device connected to the Internet. This includes smart phones using either the Android or iOS operating systems as well as any computer with an Adobe Flash™ compatible browser.

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iSmartenit Free App
Mutliple Gateway Options

A Powerful Gateway:

Connectivity Everywhere, Any Time

The Harmony Gateway connects your automation devices to your phone, tablet or PC so they are accessible and controllable from anywhere.

The Gateway consumes less power than a nightlight so it is always on, monitoring sensors, turning things on and off per your commands, sending you alarms and checking everything so you don't have to.

Simple Installation

Unlike so many systems that seem to be sprouting daily, the Smartenit system does not depend on a cloud service for operation. You connect to your gateway directly, and all your information is kept locally.

Plug it in to your computer network and an on-line assistant helps you establish connection to/from anywhere you need.

Add devices easily with automatic discovery - the choices are limitless: security, energy management, irrigation control, lighting, comfort control, etc...

DIY Installation for Quick Setup
Multiple Protocols Means Largest Supported Device Menu

Multiple Technologies - More Device Choices for You

The gateway manages devices from multiple vendors, using different technologies, all totally transparent to the user. You enjoy the benefit of devices working cohesively, with the gateway doing the hard work for you - as it should be.

If you must know, the gateway handles ZigBee, INSTEON, X10 and WiFi but hides the details from you. This just means a lot of devices to choose from, from many manufacturers.

No Cloud, No Monthly Fees

Enjoy our on-line assistant to help you connect to your Gateway from wherever you are. But your connection is directly to your gateway so monitoring is real-time and control will not be sluggish! Better yet, your information will stay in one place and will be the same no matter which phone or tablet or PC you are connecting from.

And, you are not restricted to a single connection so you allow multiple individual connections as you need to.

No Fees, No Cloud
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